Check Your Browser Privacy and Security

Anti-virus may often run out of updates and expose your system to higher malware and security risks. It is most advised by experts to check browser security settings before you start using it for websites that require critical financial information. Acting as a parental filter, taking measure to check your browser privacy is a perfect way to prevent attacks. Without impacting the existing security solutions, it is easy to know How Secure Is My Browser now. We offer you the best check your browser privacy solution that is reliable and can scan all the websites that you are visiting. It offers warning signs and blocks the websites that are too risky for your browser. It offers higher accuracy, higher scan rates and easy to use measures to identify and check browser security.

We use JavaScript in client side and PHP in server side to detect some information.

Attribute Shortly Result Info Suggestion
Attribute: Browser Update Shortly: OK Result: Do you have a fresh browser? Info: Congratz you are up-to-date! Suggestion: Web browsers should be up-to-date. After updating, you will browse faster and more secure. Read article
Attribute: Browser Info Shortly: info Result: Simple detection of your browser info Info: CommonCrawl 2.0 Suggestion: We get this from User Agent header. You can change it. Read article
Attribute: Operating System Shortly: info Result: We detect your operating system Info: Suggestion: Again we use User Agent header. You can change user-agent header with extension. Read article for how to.
Attribute: User Agent Shortly: info Result: Web browsers send a user agent to webpages in every request. You can change it. Info: CCBot/2.0 ( Suggestion: It is very important HTTP header. Read article
Attribute: Accept Header Shortly: info Result: You tell us what type of request you can understand. Info: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8 Suggestion: It's not too important. (if you not a paranoid) Read article
Attribute: Charset header Shortly: info Result: You tell us what type of data format you send. Info: empty Suggestion: It's not too important to (if you not a paranoid). Read article
Attribute: Accept encoding Shortly: info Result: Generally it is used for efficenty. Info: gzip Suggestion: It's not too important to (if you not a paranoid). Read article
Attribute: Accept language Shortly: info Result: You tell your prefered language. Info: en-US,en;q=0.5 Suggestion: It may be important. Read article
Attribute: Web Camera Shortly:
Result: Do you have web camera or not ? Info:
Suggestion: Do you really want to share this information ? Read article
Attribute: Microphone Shortly:
Result: Can any website detect your microphone ? Info:
Suggestion: It can be false/positive (not true). But still we can use to detection. Read article
Attribute: Local IP Shortly:
Result: Local IP is a private info. You should not share your local IP while surfing on web. Info:
Suggestion: You have to share your public IP (even if you use VPN you have to share your VPN public IP). But never share your local IP. Learn what is local IP and how to hide it. Read article
Attribute: Public IP Shortly: Result: It's ok to share unless you really want to stay undetected. Info: Suggestion: Public IP is your identity on the web. Read article
Attribute: Flash Support Shortly:
Result: Do not support flash. It is old. It is unsecure. Info:
Suggestion: Flash is an old tech. It has lots of security bugs. Do not use it ! Read article
Attribute: Time Zone Shortly:
Result: The time in your place. Info:
Suggestion: How it happened? If you are wondering, Read article
Attribute: Cookies Shortly: Result: Generally it should be yes. Info: Suggestion: Every web application use cookies but are you really know what it is ? Read article
Attribute: Do Not Track Shortly:
Result: Smart settings on your browser to disallow tracking on web. Info:
Suggestion: Do you know there is a configuration to disable tracking. Read article
Attribute: Location Support Shortly:
Result: Check if your browser support location services. Info:
Suggestion: Want to share your location, really ? Do not share it unless you use it. Read article
Attribute: Get Location Shortly:
Result: We are trying to get your current location ! Info:
Suggestion: Want to share your location, really ? Do not share it unless you use it. Read article
Attribute: Private Windows Shortly:
Result: If you are using a public computer use private window. Info:
Suggestion: Use it if you do not trust the system you use. Read article
Attribute: Screen Size Shortly:
Result: Your screen size. Info:
Suggestion: A computer screen uses millions of pixels to display images. These pixels are arranged in a grid horizontally and vertically. The number of pixels horizontally and vertically is shown as the screen resolution. Read article
Attribute: Mobile Device Shortly:
Result: Are you connecting via mobile ? Info:
Suggestion: It can be important for the attacks. Read article

Help us to make them browser secure and inform them for privacy.