flash vulnerability, adobe flash, should not use flash

Why You Shouldn’t Use Flash. Is It Dangerous ?

Adobe flash software is a software tool that streams online videos, carries out Rich Internet Applications among other functions. This is not an Open source software since one requires a license before using it. This type of software is still in use despite its security vulnerability. Other similar software have come up to replace Adobe Flash. There are various reasons as to why you shouldn’t use flash as outlined below.



The main reason as to why you shouldn’t use flash is its security vulnerability. There are many loop holes in the software that many hackers can exploit. This is an issue that has been detected by many internet security companies including Kaspersky Labs. Cyber criminals input codes into the Adobe flash software applications and the codes spread viruses to different computers. It is important to avoid using this software to protect computers. The security vulnerability of this software is due to the fact that it needs a separate flash player to operate. As a user, it is a requirement to configure and turn on a flash plugin on the web browsers that you use.  This not only reduces the performance of your web browser but configuring the Flash plugin will increase the security loop holes that hackers will use to spread viruses to your computer.

Do you know how many security issues for flash ?  A lot. Code execution vulnerabilities means, attackers can run codes on your computers.

flash vulnerability, adobe flash, should not use flash


The invention of Flash technology was done in the olden days. Therefore using this software with your computer is not advisable. Firstly, this software uses a lot of battery power. It also uses a large amount of computer resources. This is an aspect that has made many modern computer users switch from flash software to other software. This is because computer users rank efficiency as the most important thing they look for in a software. Many important platforms do not support it due to its inefficiency. Examples include Apple iOS devices and Android devices. There are a huge number of people across the globe that use Apple and android. Creating sites using Adobe Flash will hence prevent these people from accessing your content and this may be disastrous to website owners.


Due to the widely known inefficiency of the adobe flash software, many search engines often advice their users not to open websites created in Flash. Its also advisable to website developers to avoid using Flash when creating content for a site. The reason as to why search engines do this is because Flash file texts may not be displayed well in different devices.


The above dangers of the Adobe Flash player have made many users switch from the software and start using better alternatives. One of the best alternatives is the HTML5 Canvas technology that uses JavaScript. You can also opt to use the Scalable vector Graphics (SVGS). These two types of software will perform all the functions that the Adobe flash software performs with more efficiency.


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