Google chrome is one of the browsers that people are most fond of. This is because of the lasting impression the browser presents to the user. Right from the first sight, the browser has a very appealing layout that is user friendly. To ensure security of your chrome browser, it is important to install some chrome security extensions that will confer the security.



Extensions are packages created by intermediaries to enhance the activity of browsers. They exist in the browser, giving them access to information like history of browsing and other data known to the browser. This therefore proves that extensions are not all at all safe.

The following is a list of good security extensions for consideration.

HTTPS Everywhere

This extension is able to encrypt the user’s communication with different websites and by so doing, confers security of both information as well as personal data accessed over the internet. The main advantage of this extension over others in its line is the fact that it is very easy to use. It offers necessary support for encrypting information accessed by the browser. However, HTTPS everywhere does not encrypt information on its own but rather it opens up other available versions of the site you are using. With HTTPS Everywhere extension, it is possible to rewrite requests from previously encrypted sites to HTTPS with the action of clever technology.

Virtual Private Networks

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), is a means through which one can bypass obstructions like network jam that may make browsing slow. VPNs achieve this by encrypting data and its network so that it is not recognizable to the user’s internet service provider (ISP). Some of the best VPNs that you can use with your Chrome browser are the ExpressVPN and NordVPN. NordVPN is the most common with over 4400 remote servers in different countries. It also has applications for desktops, android and iOS. ExpressVPN hides your IP address from internet service providers. It is also readily available to users around the world. When using VPNs as security extension, you have to remain connected the whole time you are accessing sites otherwise if you get disconnected, your Chrome browser will not be secure any more.


Privacy Badger

This is a security extension that is readily available for use by different web browsers. Chrome is one browser that supports the privacy badger security extension. The privacy badger is used together with the HTTPS EVERYWHERE and the combination of the two will offer you 100% protection.This Chrome security extension that is created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), blocks spyware that may be trailing your online usage and blocks unwanted ads that may cause viruses and unnecessary disruptions on your Chrome website. The Privacy badger also blocks track cookies that may track your browsing history. However, this extension does not protect you from first party sites and cookies but protects your chrome from third party cookies and sites. Despite this limitation, it is a very efficient security extension.


Ghostery Browser Extension

This is a security extension that works very well with Chrome browser. It detects any JavaScript bugs that cannot be seen by the user. These unseen bugs track your browsing history so that they can control your browsing. It also tracks third party cookies and sites. If it detects any suspicious activity with your JavaScript, it will either open safer version of the site for you or it will block the unsafe sites for you. If it detects any unusual activity, this extension will give you a feedback of the report on all suspicious malware detected and then tell you if they have blocked the unsafe sites for you or not.


 Form Recovery Extensions

Most of us when filling online forms lose the data we have entered before saving it. This can be frustrating especially if you have already filled out most of the required data and it has taken a lot of time to do so only for it to get lost. However, there are security extensions available to help you when filling forms on your Chrome browser.

  • This is a form recovery extension that is very easy to use. First of all, it is readily available to users as you can easily download this chrome security extension from the Google Chrome web store. Once it is downloaded to your device, you will see a gold symbol at the right side of your screen whenever you are filling forms. You will click on the symbol that will open a dialog box to show you that it is saving whatever you are writing. If you lose what you have filled out before saving or submitting the form, you click on the symbol to recover your lost form. It is hence very helpful to users.
  • SIMPLE FORM RECOVERY. This is also a form recovery extension readily available for Chrome users. It will help you secure the information that you have typed in your online forms so that you can recover them easily to avoid frustrations. This one works by remembering what you typed into your online form. In case the page accidentally closes, on reopening the text will be displayed on the form. Its’ one advantage is that it does not display on the screen hence blocking your view but it works o the background and will automatically activate once you start filling in an online form. This extension is readily available for download by users.

Netcraft Extension

This is an extension that confers the classic visual feeling of back in the early millennium. This Chrome security extension is well represented add-on software that informs the user first hand of any looming threats with the option to report suspicious content. What’s more is that the source country of that malicious content is flagged there as the actual host as well as rank by number to determine whether or not it is safe. The extension also has a support for Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) that advises on the safety of the user’s personal information in case there’s compromise of security key.


Webutation is an extension that relies on its user base. It checks for SSL certificates and scours other tools like the Norton antivirus. It appreciates social reputation. The algorithm of this extension bases its rating on the WOT Ratings Community. Webutation extension has a very tight privacy policy and will always pre-inform the user of sites that are safe to access as well as the ones that pose a threat. The page will then be rated out of a hundred with the help of a shield placed in the top right corner of your screen. The shield rates sites in red, yellow or green. If it’s red, the sites are unsafe and hence you should avoid them, if the shield turns yellow, the sites are slightly unsafe and hence you should use them cautiously and if it turns green the site is safe. If the site is unsafe, you will receive a message that will allow you to either continue on the site or leave the site. You can also block access to adult websites, and any deemed “bad” by the system.

Simple Blocker

This extension is able to lock the user’s entire browser behind passwords. This chrome security extension is a tool that guarantees privacy. It does this by ensuring that the user is locked out of websites and other sub-domains. Simple Blocker is able to block redirection and access to applications like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and every other site that might serve as a distraction when you are doing something else on your browser. It can also be used to prevent users from accessing suspicious sites. In the case of minors, you can stop them viewing adult material or content. If you’ve found a page family members are likely to frequent but is now riddled with malware (which often happens when transferring ownership), Simple blocker will eliminate that kind of risk.

Password Managers

Password mangers will help you have a safe and secure browsing with your Chrome browser. You do not have to use passwords that can be easily be hacked like your birthday or your pet’s name. You can use different extensions that offer password managing services for Chrome. Some examples of password manger extensions include;

  • BLUR. This add-on is unique because it has password specificity. All you need to do is remember a single password as opposed to having two or more. You only need a single code if you are to access Blur because this add-on will do the rest. It achieves this by concealing the user’s email address as well as password by filling forms for you using anonymous data. The information is therefore not in the company’s hands in case of any breach in security.
  • ZOHO VAULT. This is another highly rated password manager extension. One great advantage of this extension is that it has a free version that works very effectively. It provides you with strong passwords that will ensure browser security and privacy. This extension also gives the provision of sharing login details between different users at the user’s authorization.
  • DASH LANE. This password manager extension is also highly rated because it comes with an available built in VPN. It is available on all devices that accept chrome as a browsing website. Dash Lane works by carrying out a scan on the web for any hacked account details. It also has basic features and advanced features to manage your passwords for different sites.



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