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check your browser privacy,security,fingerprint, html5&css3 support

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Check My use only javascript features. No need to install third-party software

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You can find lots of documents to make your browser more secure and privacy

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Check my browser can check privacy, security, size, fingerprint, size, html5 & css3, webrtc and more ...

Run browser security test online to determine the security level of a Web browser. Our services offer you testing the settings and extensions of the web browser simultaneously. These tests are run to identify the type of data broadcasted, tracking levels and exploit attachment to browser software. Online browser security testing offers a test on the browser capability to ensure the data of the network and the systems that use it is prevented from malware attacks. We offer browser security test that runs tests on security holes and inherent code level vulnerabilities of the browser. An intelligent Browser Leak Test Online ensures appropriate security patches are suggested for the browser under test. The browser characteristics that are check for by our tool are the IP address, JavaScript, Java applet, Flash player, content filters, Geolocation API and Web Graphics Library. The aim of our testing tool is to offer protection against phishing attacks and protect the sensitive information of the browser users.

About Browser Leak Test and Security

Security and Privacy For Web Browser

Without installing any software on your computer, we make your browser settings more secure and confidential.

Some settings can put you in danger by default if you have not used them at all. Check your web browser now ! Instead of checking your web browser for security and privacy you can :

  • Check Your Browser Fingerprint
  • Check Your Browser HTML & CSS3 Support
  • Check Your Browser Size
  • Check Your Browser If Up to Date

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check your browser privacy,size,if up to date

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you check my browser ?

We use JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to implement complex things on web pages?

What is security checks ?

We check your browsers security to stop some web based attacks. Such as malware JavaScript or mining JavaScript codes. Also we check if your browser is up to date, your flash support, webrtc and more. All these checks can be used by attackers. Use security check to see all steps.

What is privacy check ?

If privacy is important for you, you should be sure if someone can watch you while surfing. Force HTTPs, webrtc, user-agent, your os info are some of the browser privact checks.

What is fingerprint check ?

Learn your tracks on web. Do you things are you uniq one web ? How much do you leave a tracks? We check your browses agents, size, os, browser type, language, timezone and much much more.

how we check your browser security and privacy